About Us

Dkaren brand is mainly meant for busy women who have a lot on their minds and thanks to a slip dress or another product they can finally feel good in their bodies, sit down with a glass of wine and relax.

Among our products are: Slip dresses, Sets, Dressing Gowns, Blankets made with such materials as satin, viscose, lamé and tulle. We are one of the biggest companies producing satin nightdresses. We have over 19 years of experience in design, sewing and bettering our products for you. We are changing for the better!

When we think of a boss we often imagine a person in an office. But not Mrs. Karina! She spends most of her time in the cutting room. Her duties involve designing, fabric cutting and delegating all the tasks. Moreover, she makes sure that all orders are properly sewn and sent in a timely manner. She personally takes care of every detail of the products.

Our lingerie is the epitome of femininity and sophisticated taste. It’s a luxury you can enjoy at any moment.


Seductive and comfortable throughout the day.


Provocative and enticing at night.


Romantic mornings

Manufacturer's of lingerie

Dkaren specializes not only in retail, but acts also as a manufacturer of women’s lingerie. Because of that we are certain our clients receive the best products that we make ourselves. We know how important the customer service is, that is why we make efforts so you can receive your orders in the shortest possible time. As a lingerie manufacturer we focus mainly on satin nightwear. We offer a wide array of slip dresses, dressing gowns and sets. Our lingerie can be a present for a special occasion as well as an everyday garment. A wide variety of colors, sizes and designs should satisfy even the most sophisticated of tastes. As a Polish lingerie manufacturer we promote the best domestic products, because we realize what Polish quality means. Please see our product offering.


1. Unique designs

The company creates unique nightwear designs. That uniqueness is due to the fact that all the products are designed by the owner personally. All the products are made with utmost care as if she was to wear them daily herself. She puts her heart and best ideas into every detail she designs. At the same time the lingerie is functional as the owner is not only a designer by passion, but also a seamstress by profession. This combination makes for comfortable, interesting and original nightwear. 

2. High quality

Another asset of the company’s products is their high quality. Many factors contribute to this condition: high manufacturing quality making every detail polished, durable and aesthetically pleasing, the use of high-quality fabrics which guarantee comfortable wear over a long period of time, design focused on durability, comfort and visual appeal of the lingerie.

All those aspects ensure that our lingerie’s quality is one of the best on the market and the products themselves a popular choice among clients.

3. Details and a beautiful finish 

Lingerie has to be comfortable, there is no doubt about that. However it does not mean that it can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well. Dkaren, as a nightwear manufacturer, has found a solution that lets comfort and elegance intertwine. A decorative finish offered by our company makes the lingerie visually appealing and tempting for customers. The combination of delicate lace with a careful finish heightens both the quality and beautiful appearance. Such excellence in creating lingerie is a result of many years of experience and this Polish brand has been creating lingerie that women love and trust every day for the past 19 years.