New collection 2024!
New collection 2024!
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New collection 2024!
Check our news!
New collection!
New collection!
Discover the beauty new Dkaren collection!
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New collection!
Discover the beauty new Dkaren collection!
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Natural beauty!

Dkaren Polish brand of nightwear

For the past 20 years this Polish brand has been creating lingerie that women love and trust every day. Dkaren products are unique due to the fact that all the products are designed by the owner personally. All the nightdresses are made with utmost care as if she herself was to wear them daily

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A Wedding Day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. It is a day we plan with the utmost care and attention. Nightwear for the bride is an equally significant issue. Subtle white dominates Dkaren’s wedding collection. Delicate lace, alluring satin.

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Dkaren darmowa wysyłka od 250zł (tylko na terenie Polski)

Spring Collection

Discover your spring with Dkaren lingerie. Delicate materials, pastel colors. Feminine and sensual in spring

Kobiecą Marką Roku 2023

wyjątkowe projekty



We put our heart and best ideas into every one of our designs. The owner is not only a designer by passion, but also a seamstress by profession.

wysoka jakość



The use of high quality fabrics and utmost care during the manufacturing process make each project polished, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

piękne wykończenie

A beautiful


Sophisticated elegance and attention to detail. Moreover, a decorative finish and lace amplify both the quality and beautiful appearance.


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Polish manufacturer of women's underwear

Dkaren is a Polish manufacturer of nightwear. Dkaren is a manufacturer of women's underwear with a 21-year tradition of designing and crafting nightwear. The market leader of nightwear in Poland. Dkaren is a Polish brand, established in 2001 in Stęszew (Poland) by Karina and Karol Łakomy. All our offered products are original creations of the owner of the company. Karina draws inspiration for new collections every day. Every new idea is immediately drawn on the proverbial napkin. Then the design is refined and materials are selected. The designer is present at every stage of underwear production, from early sketches, to cutting out the materials, sewing and preparing your products for shipment. The latest spring collection brings lightness of materials and pastel colours. Dkaren is a company created with passion and love for sewing and design. The owner's incredible projects are supported by many years of experience, but also professional education. Dkaren is a family business. The owners' daughters have been involved in co-creating the brand for several years. Dkaren is a Polish brand and sound quality. We deal in wholesale and retail. As a manufacturer of women's underwear, we are used to designing, supplying and distributing various types of women's underwear. As a leading producer of women's underwear, we have a good understanding of fashion trends and consumer needs to unsure the creation of products that attract the attention of the market. The production process incorporates the design, weaving, sewing and packaging of products. Dkaren is a renowned maker of women's underwear and offers a wide selection of high-quality products. If you are looking for the perfect brand of women's underwear for you, you've come to the right place.


Dkaren’s headquarters

The company's headquarters is located in Stęszew near Poznań, Poland. This is where the entire production and distribution process takes place. The success of Dkaren is a consequence of building a conscious brand. It is solid workmanship and high quality materials. The beginnings of the company was one sewing machine in a small basement. Thanks to the determination and hard work of the owners who developed the business, the Dkaren online store is now a significant leader of the nightwear and satin nightwear market in Poland and Europe. The store offers products sold at retail and wholesale. We offer a wide selection of satin petticoats, satin robes and satin sets. We also offer men's and women's bathrobes. Currently, Dkaren has several machines. Specialized staff of seamstresses and dressmakers. Polish brand and the highest quality.

Our products are mainly petticoats, robes and sets of nightwear. Our offer also includes warm blankets, cotton robes and down housecoats for cooler evenings. Within the catalogue of our Dkaren online store, every woman, regardless of size and self-confidence, will find perfect, sensual and sexy lingerie. We also sew underwear to cater to ladies in larger sizes. In our Plus size collection dedicated to women with more curves, we offer products in sizes up to 10 XL.

Dkaren is a leader in the nightwear industry in Poland. Unique designs, careful workmanship, quality of materials and accessories. Dkaren is a manufacturer of nightwear for women of all ages and for all occasions. You can buy underwear and products from us retail, but also wholesale. Each product you receive is carefully made at the company's headquarters in Stęszew. Attention to detail, quality and precision of workmanship is something that distinguishes us. That's why you should take advantage of our good prices and quality products. Buy retail, or if you have your own shop, you can also order from us wholesale. If you want to do drop-shipping of underwear, you can do it with us.


Dkaren - Our Achievements

Our products are addressed both to individual customers, but as a manufacturer of nightwear, we also cooperate with hundreds of companies from around the world. The quality of our products has been appreciated by companies in Poland, Europe, the United States and Australia. Our petticoats boast extremely seductive cuts and styles. Our offer also includes polyamide petticoats, extremely flexible and comfortable. Regardless of the occasion, our clients feel confident and sexy in products from our Dkaren store. We are a leader in the satin nightwear industry. We have 20 years of experience in designing and sewing underwear for women in Poland and around the world. Companies from all over Europe, North America and Australia are interested in our designs. Delicate satin is a material mainly associated with nightwear. This delicately shimmering material appeals to every man's senses. Satin combined with lace is a perfect duo. Our petticoats and housecoats made of satin, finished with a delicate lace decoration, are perfect designs. The offer also includes more daring mesh sets and robes made of tulle from our erotic collection, as well as sets made of viscose or polyamide.


About Dkaren Underwear

Dressing gowns from Dkaren are the perfect solution for a morning for two. We have a wide range of sensual products. Women feel beautiful and self-confident in Dkaren dressing gowns. Regardless of the occasion, satin housecoats from Dkaren are a sexy proposition for the evening. We supply retail and wholesale customers from all over the world. Shop with us without leaving your home.

Dedicated collections from Dkaren are a mixture of delicate and sensual lingerie, for less self-confident women, to extremely provocative and sexy cuts for very self-confident and body-conscious women.

In our Dkaren collections you will find e.g. wedding collections for the bride. Wedding lingerie from Dkaren contains a wide range of products. There are sensual viscose housecoats for perfect mornings together, tempting petticoats for passionate evenings, and extremely sexy lace sets for hot nights.


Dkaren - online wholesaler and manufacturer of women's nightwear

For many years, we have been a manufacturer of women's underwear and an online wholesaler offering sensual and elegant nightwear. We have been trusted by many women who have made their lives more exclusive thanks to our products. The women's nightwear we create for you is always of the highest quality.

Dkaren presents extremely seductive cuts and finishes. Nightwear from Dkaren is the perfect gift for women. Gift her unique underwear. At Dkaren, we offer the service of special gift wrapping of the product. Because every occasion is good to give quality underwear to a loved one. Nightwear from Dkaren boasts original designs that will delight your partner.

Women love petticoats from Dkaren, which perfectly emphasize their feminine shapes and adapt to every figure. Our bestsellers, such as Halka Karen or Podomka 90, are one of the first projects of our Dkaren brand, which have been delighting our customers for years. They are timeless, classic and simple. 

Sensual lingerie for romantic evenings. Translucent and provocative tulle pieces that are not supposed to cover anything at all? Or a perfect evening with friends? Only with Dkaren pyjamas. With our sexy lingerie, you can find out if a guy is in love with you. 

Dkaren products are a luxury that you can always afford. Dkaren - when I want to feel wowed. High quality, low price. Dkaren petticoats and housecoats are a must-have for every woman. Discover yourself with Dkaren. Let yourself be seduced by Dkaren. Be confident with Dkaren.


What else can you find on the Dkaren website?

We don’t only care about the sale of underwear in Poland and abroad or the quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers. We also invite you to read our blog with news and trends in underwear and more. Furthermore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the glossary of terms about nightwear fashion. If you lack knowledge on women’s sleepwear, you should look there. Also visit our lingerie and fashion rankings page. There you will find many interesting rankings that will allow you to learn more.