Dressing-gown Hazel


up to 15€

Dressing-gown Hazel



up to 15€

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Realization: up to 5 days

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Are you looking for a beautiful, classic satin housecoat? Dkaren will help you make this dream come true! Our offer includes a wonderful HAZEL chemise, which will perfectly emphasize your beauty. Delicate satin will make you feel surrounded by luxury and elegance. It is perfect for many unforgettable moments and will pamper your skin after a hot bath. The HAZEL chemise is made of beautiful satin fabric and lace at the sleeves, which makes it look classic and unique at the same time. The lace adds charm and sensuality. The belt will underline your charms perfectly. Try on this wonderful HAZEL chemise and feel how luxury and comfort surround you. Do not hesitate, buy it today. A PLEASANT SATIN DRESSING GOWN FOR EVERY WOMAN. LONG SLEEVES FINISHED WITH BEAUTIFUL LACE . INTERTWINED WITH A SATIN BELT, WHICH PERFECTLY ADAPTS TO THE FIGURE, HIGHLIGHTING THE ASSETS OF A WOMAN'S BODY. COLOUR VERSION: NAVY BLUE, RED, LIGHT ECRU, WHITE, BLACK (LACE IN SATIN COLOUR). MATERIAL: SATIN. Material composition: 100% polyester.

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We put our heart and best ideas into every one of our designs. The owner is not only a designer by passion, but also a seamstress by profession.

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The use of high quality fabrics and utmost care during the manufacturing process make each project polished, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Sophisticated elegance and attention to detail. Moreover, a decorative finish and lace amplify both the quality and beautiful appearance.


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